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VISA - Visitors International Stay Admission, we offer a comprehensive suite of visa-related services, including visa assistance and expert visa processing for a variety of countries travel insurance. We specialize in handling all types of Visas for Students, Immigrants, Business Visas, Medical Visas, Dependent Visas for residents ensuring your specific Visa needs are complied with.
Types of Visas:
  • Traveler must apply for the category of visa corresponding to the purpose of the visit.
  • Incorrect submission of Visa can jeopardize future Travel.
  • Misuse/incorrect information would lead to immediate cancellation of visa.
  • Your passport must be valid for minimum one year with sufficient pages.
1. Transit Visa: A short-term permit that allows travelers to pass through a country en route to their destination, typically without leaving the airport or designated transit area.
2. Tourist Visa: Issued for the purpose of leisure travel and tourism, enabling visitors to explore and experience the host country’s attractions and culture.
3. Medical Visa: Granted to individuals seeking medical treatment in another country, ensuring they can access necessary healthcare services.
4. Medical Attendant Visa: Accompanies a patient with a Medical Visa to provide necessary care and support during their medical treatment abroad.
5. Business Visa: Designed for individuals engaged in business activities, including meetings, conferences, negotiations, and trade, without engaging in direct employment.
6. Employment Visa: Allows foreign nationals to work legally in a host country, typically requiring sponsorship from an employer and adherence to labor laws.
7. Project Visa: Issued for a specific project, often in fields like construction, research, or development, enabling individuals to work on a particular endeavor.
8. Intern Visa: Facilitates international internships or training programs, usually for educational or professional development purposes.
9. Film Visa: Essential for individuals involved in film production, including actors, crew, and filmmakers, to work on film projects in another country.
10. Student Visa: Permits foreign students to enroll in educational institutions within the host country for academic purposes, such as studying for a degree or participating in exchange programs.
11. Research Visa: Allows individuals to conduct research activities, often in collaboration with academic or research institutions in the host country.
12. Conference Visa: Granted to attendees of conferences, seminars, or workshops held in another country, enabling participation in professional or academic events.
13. Mountaineering Visa: Required for mountaineers and adventurers pursuing mountain expeditions, ensuring safety and adherence to regulations in mountainous regions.
14. Missionary Visa: Issued to individuals undertaking religious or charitable missions in foreign countries, allowing them to engage in humanitarian work and religious activities.
15. Journalist Visa: For media professionals and reporters, enabling them to cover news, events, and stories in the host country while adhering to journalistic regulations.
16. Entry Visa: A general Visa that permits entry into a country, often subject to the purpose of travel, such as tourism, business, or visiting family and friends.
17. Diplomat Visa: Issued to diplomatic staff, including ambassadors and consular officers, for official duties, ensuring diplomatic privileges and immunities.
18. Official/Miscellaneous Visa: A versatile category encompassing various official purposes, such as attending government meetings, cultural exchanges, or political events.
19. UN Diplomat Visa: For personnel working with the United Nations, providing the necessary credentials to fulfill their diplomatic duties within the host country.
20. UN Official Visa: Granted to United Nations officials who are not diplomatic staff, ensuring they can carry out their responsibilities within the host nation.
21. UN Official Visa: Granted to United Nations officials who are not diplomatic staff, ensuring they can carry out their responsibilities within the host nation.
22. Visa on Arrival: Permits travelers to obtain a Visa upon arrival at their destination, often for short stays, tourism, or business purposes.
23. Long Term Visa: Extends the duration of stay beyond standard Visas, catering to individuals with specific reasons for a more extended presence in the host country.
24. SAARC Visa: A specialized Visa for residents of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) member countries traveling within the SAARC region.
25. Overseas Citizen of India (OCI): Designed for individuals of Indian origin living abroad, providing certain privileges and facilitating travel and residence in India.
26. Visitor (Only for Pakistan Nationals): Allows Pakistani nationals to visit specific countries for short durations, often for tourism, family visits, or business.
27. Double Entry (Only for Bangladesh Nationals): Permits citizens of Bangladesh to enter the host country twice during the validity of their Visa, making it suitable for multiple visits.
Visa categories issued by the Indian Government: The Indian Government offers various e-Visa categories to facilitate foreign travel and engagement with India. Here are descriptions for the specific e-Visa categories:
1. E-Tourist Visa: The E-Tourist Visa allows foreign tourists to visit India for leisure and tourism purposes. It simplifies the Visa application process, as travelers can apply online and receive their Visa electronically, making it convenient for short-term visits for sightseeing, cultural exploration, and recreational activities.
2. E-Business Visa: The E-Business Visa is designed for foreign nationals who intend to visit India for business-related activities, such as attending meetings, conferences, or trade events. It streamlines the application process, making it easier for business travelers to engage in commercial activities in India.
3. E-Medical Visa: The E-Medical Visa is tailored for individuals seeking medical treatment in India. It offers a simplified application process for those with medical conditions or requiring specialized healthcare services, ensuring they can access top-quality medical facilities and expertise.
4. E-Medical Attendant Visa: The E-Medical Attendant Visa is issued to accompany a patient with an E-Medical Visa. It allows a family member or caregiver to provide necessary support and care during the patient’s medical treatment in India, ensuring the patient’s well-being.
5. E-Conference Visa: The E-Conference Visa is for attendees of conferences, seminars, and workshops taking place in India. It enables participants to easily apply for a Visa online, making it convenient for professionals and academics attending such events, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange.
Visa Fees: Visa fees vary depending on the type of Visa and its duration. These fees are categorized as basic fees, special fees, and processing fees. While the basic fee is displayed during online registration, please note that this fee is indicative, and the final fee is determined upon submitting your application at the respective counters. It is essential to know that Visa fees are nonrefundable, even if the application is withdrawn or the Visa issued is of a shorter duration than originally requested.
Visa Processing Time: Upon receipt of your Visa Application through the Indian Visa Application Center or directly at the Indian Mission/Post, the processing time typically requires a minimum of three working days. The processing duration may vary based on your nationality and special cases.
At, we are dedicated to simplifying the Visa process and ensuring your international travel is a seamless experience.


Q. What services does offer as a Visa Facilitator? is a premier destination for comprehensive visa documentation, guidelines, and essential visa-related information. They are a distinguished visa service provider and trusted documentation advisor for travel agents in India.

Q. What does "VISA" stand for?

VISA stands for Visitors International Stay Admission, and it is one of the most crucial documents for international travel.

Q. What services does offer? offers a range of visa-related services, including visa assistance, travel insurance, and processing various types of visas for multiple countries. They specialize in Dependent Visas for Portugal’s residents and boat joining visas for seafarers.

Q. Do they offer travel insurance?

Yes, offers travel insurance options with minimum premiums and maximum coverage from top-tier companies.

Q. Which countries' visas do they process? specializes in processing visas for the USA, Europe/Schengen nations, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and more. They also assist in obtaining Dependent Visas for the spouses of Portugal’s residents.

Q. What is the Visa Assistance team responsible for?

The Visa Assistance team at ensures that all your visa documents are up-to-date and free of errors, providing security while traveling.

Q. What are the benefits of using's visa services? provides prompt and informative email responses to client queries and keeps clients well-informed about the progress of their visa applications, eliminating the need for costly international calls for inquiries or updates.

Q. What are the different visa categories offered by offers a wide range of visa categories, including Transit Visa, Tourist Visa, Medical Visa, Business Visa, Employment Visa, Student Visa, and many others. They also offer specialized e-visa categories for travel to India.

Q. How much are the visa fees, and can they vary?

Visa fees vary depending on the type of visa and its duration. While the basic fee is displayed during online registration, the final fee is determined upon submitting your application at the respective counters. Visa fees are nonrefundable.

Q. What is the processing time for visa applications through

The processing time typically requires a minimum of three working days upon receipt of the Visa Application. However, the processing duration may vary based on your nationality and special cases.

Q. Is the information on always up-to-date and accurate? provides general guidance and informational purposes only. While they strive to offer accurate visa-related details, laws and regulations may change. Visitors are advised to consult relevant government authorities, embassies, or consulates for the most current and precise visa requirements.

Q. Do they provide assistance with visas for specific nationalities?

Yes, offers specialized visa services such as “Visitor (Only for Pakistan Nationals)” and “Double Entry (Only for Bangladesh Nationals)” to cater to the specific needs of travelers from these countries.


The information provided in this FAQ is for general guidance and informational purposes only. While endeavors to offer accurate visa-related details, laws and regulations regarding visas may change without prior notice. Visitors are strongly advised to consult the relevant embassies, or consulates for the most current and precise visa requirements, as there can be especially nationality-related regulations.