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Villa No 1 Saipem Hills

Villa No 1 Saipem Hills, Goa - amã Stays & Trails


Experience Elevated Living at Villa No 1:
Spacious Abode: Villa No 1 sprawls over a generous 6500 sq ft area, offering a luxurious and spacious retreat.
Strategic Hill Slope Location: Nestled on a hill slope, the villa is ingeniously designed across three levels, ensuring a distinctive experience on each tier.
Family-Focused Design: Thoughtfully crafted, the villa features a dedicated family dining area, fostering togetherness and shared moments.
Modern Bedrooms: Enjoy the comfort of three expansive modern bedrooms, providing a serene and private sanctuary for relaxation.
Home-like Living Room: The villa opens up to a warm and inviting living room, evoking a sense of home-like comfort and coziness.
Contemporary Design: The rooms boast a contemporary design, curated with precision to create a modern yet inviting atmosphere.
Artistic Touch: Adorned with handpicked artworks, the villa adds an artistic flair, creating a visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Independent Unit: Villa No 1 stands as an independent unit within a cluster of villas, offering a sense of exclusivity and privacy in the tranquil landscape of the Saipem region.
Scenic Hilly Landscape: Embrace the serenity of the quiet and scenic hilly landscape surrounding the villa, providing a picturesque backdrop for your stay.

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