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Sarovar Portico, Morbi

Sarovar Portico, Morbi

Brief: Experience Business and Leisure in Harmony at Sarovar Portico, Morbi

Sarovar Portico, Morbi, is where business and leisure coexist in harmony, creating an experience that celebrates the city’s rich heritage while providing the utmost in modern convenience. Join us and explore the ceramic capital of India with comfort and style.

Savor the Delights of Dining at Sarovar

Sarovar, where every bite is a celebration and every event is an experience to remember. Join us and indulge in the pleasures of dining and hospitality that cater to both your palate and your preferences, ensuring your stay is filled with happiness and satisfaction.


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High-Speed Browsing At No Charge Connectivity is the crux of the future and we at Sarovar are one step ahead. Our high-speed Wi-Fi ensures that your virtual personality never disappears. The Wi-Fi services are completely in the house. Enjoy your stay at the farthest destinations without being disconnected. Your Happiness @ Sarovar is our greatest pride.
Flexi Check In Check Out We at Sarovar understand that your tight schedule does not accommodate time for strict formalities. Our flexible check in check out service lets you choose the duration of your stay making you always ready to be on the road. Your Happiness @ Sarovar is our greatest pride.
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Chef Made my Breakfast My Way The feeling of homeliness at any place comes with the warmth of the people around you and most importantly the food that you get there. At Sarovar we make sure that all your needs are met, our qualified chefs are always delighted to serve your favourite dish made as per your request. Your Happiness @ Sarovar is our greatest pride.


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