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GST (Goods and Services Tax) & Taxability

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) streamlines taxation for travel services, including hotels, flights, and other Travel Services. It unifies various indirect taxes, offering transparency for businesses and travelers. Understanding its implications is vital for both service providers and consumers in ensuring compliant transactions and potential tax benefits.
Some frequently asked questions related to GST (Goods and Services Tax) invoices for hotel and flight bookings, along with their answers:

Q. What is a GST invoice?

A GST invoice is a document showing the Goods and Services Tax charged on services like hotel stays or flights. It is compliant with tax regulations and can be used for input credit.

Q. How do I obtain a GST invoice for my hotel or flight reservation?

While booking, input your GST number and related details. Upon completion, the system will generate and send you an invoice, allowing you to claim GST and tax benefits.

Q. What details are necessary for a GST invoice?

You’ll need your GST number to generate a GST invoice, registered business name, address, and state code.

Q. When will we receive our GST invoice?

For hotels, the GST invoice is usually provided at checkout or emailed. For flights, the invoice is often emailed after booking or available for download from the airline’s website.

Q. We lost our GST invoice. How can we get a duplicate?

Contact the hotel, airline, or our customer service e: , cc to , and call to T: +91-11-42521000 / 21. They should be able to provide a duplicate invoice upon request.

Q. Can we claim GST input credit for our hotel and flight expenses?

Yes, if you have a valid GST Invoice and the expense is business-related, you can claim GST input credit. However, it’s advisable to consult with your Tax expert or accountant for specific guidance.

Q. If incorrect GST details entered, Can they be amended?

Once the invoice has been generated, it cannot be altered or modified.


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