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Indulge in the coastal allure of North Goa with our Beach Destination Hotel, strategically perched on a hilltop in the charming locale of Dona Paula. Revel in the vivacious spirit of Goa while ensconced in the serene comfort of Ginger Goa, Dona Paula. With spacious modern rooms that offer the choice of private terraces or balconies, and a refreshing swimming pool that overlooks the Arabian Sea, this hotel promises a one-of-a-kind destination experience.
Scenic Hilltop Retreat: Positioned atop a hill, our chic Dona Paula hotel provides a scenic vantage point to soak in the vibrant charm of Goa.
Breathtaking Views: Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the hotel boasts rooms with stunning vistas, offering the option of private terraces or balconies for an immersive experience.
Beach Proximity: Conveniently located within walking distance from Vainguinim Beach and Dona Paula Beach, the hotel is an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing seaside retreat.
Expansive Accommodations: The hotel boasts spacious modern rooms, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating stay for guests.
Sister Hotels: Explore our other hotels in Goa – Ginger Madgaon and Ginger Panjim, offering diverse experiences in this vibrant state.

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