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French Polynesia

French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France, comprises more than 100 islands in the South Pacific, stretching for more than 2,000km. Divided into the Austral, Gambier, Marquesas, Society and Tuamotu archipelagos, they’re known for their coral-fringed lagoons and over-the-water bungalow hotels. Island features include white- and black-sand beaches, mountains, rugged backcountry and towering waterfalls.


Tourist Attractions:


CFP Franc (XPF)


Poisson Cru: A dish made with raw fish marinated in coconut milk and lime.
Tuna Tartare: Fresh tuna served with various accompaniments.
Firi Firi: A type of donut often served for breakfast.

Cultural Activities:

Traditional Polynesian music and dance performances are common and provide a glimpse into local culture. Explore art galleries featuring traditional and contemporary Polynesian art.


French Polynesia offers a range of accommodation options, including 3-star hotels, luxury resorts, and overwater bungalows. Notable options include The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort, InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa, and Le Taha’a Island Resort & Spa.

Transport Connectivity:

Inter-island transport is primarily by air or sea, with ferry services connecting some islands. There is no rail network within the country.


Approximately 285,000.


Predominantly Christianity, with various denominations.

Languages Spoken:

French: The official language.
Tahitian: The Tahitian language is widely spoken, especially in cultural contexts.
Other Polynesian Languages: Various Polynesian languages are spoken on different islands.


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